May 24, 2012


Our home is full of viruses and bacteria.

On notecards that is... 

Andrew is in "isolation" as hundreds of viruses and bacterias are invading him and trying to incubate.  He has been contaminated. The communicable period has not yet ended; however, this host offers a less welcoming and nutrient-filled environment on which to thrive. Maybe I'm immune.

Translation: My hard-working-medical-student-hubby is studying diligently in his office to learn and retain information about bazillions of viruses and bacterial infections for an upcoming exam. He tries to tell me about some and quiz me about others, but my brain does not seem to retain much besides what I deem applicable to my personal health career.  

... Though I tidy up these note-cards and return them to his office nearly each day, they somehow re-invade our entire apartment. Nasty little buggers...


  1. Nasty little buggers is right. :) You make me smile. Give A. a good luck high five for me!

  2. Hi, Jenna. I'm one of Jordan's friends from LETU, and I love your super cute blog! I had a similar problem with notecards recently. I punched a hole in the top left corner of the stack and got a loose-leaf ring to put through them... It works like a charm and keeps them all organized and all in one place. The rings are less than $5 at Office Depot:

    1. Thanks Kris! Great and simple idea- I'll stop by and get him one today! I'm sure it would make his studying far easier and more organized as well. Thanks for reading too!

  3. haha, I feel your pain! My least favorite part are the pictures of the ensuing infections that seem to find a way to sprawl across our dining room table :). Good luck to Andrew on his test!

  4. I thought you guys caught a virus and were sick at first. Haha :) tricky!


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