May 8, 2012

Country Drive

Sometimes a plain old country drive does me good. All I needed were my red cowgirl boots, jeans, and plaid button-up and I'd have felt right at home (says my alter ego country-girl self ). The sun was setting, country music was playing, the horses were good listeners- yes, we had a little chat; it was a fresh, beautiful evening.
The end. 

((Thanks McKenzie for living out in the country- I love driving to your beautiful home.))


  1. So lovely! What did the horsies have to say?

  2. These pictures just speak to my heart. I'm a horse girl, and I miss country roads! Jakarta can't satisfy the country girl in me. Thanks Jenna!

  3. OH look at those beautiful pictures and that handsome horse!!!

    We just took a little country farm drive this weekend too, all within 30 minutes of our home. It was lovely and just what I needed too:)

    I have one of the horse photos up but haven't gotten the rest up yet...

    Lovely blog!


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