October 15, 2014

New site!

I'm very excited about my new website & blog. Please check it out & change your feeds!


My new site allows me to have a better functioning blog, photography portfolio, and even "gear" page- where I share my favorite photography and baby gear items. 

Here are just a few screen shots of the new site..

September 19, 2014

Week by week | one-six

Though miss Bonnie turns eight weeks today, I'm sharing her week by week photos up to week six! I think that week 6 brought a turning point for us in regards to feeding, sleeping, and somewhat of a schedule. By week six, I feel like I had finally figured this little one out and really got to know her and what her cues and cries meant. Weeks one through four were mostly entirely about establishing milk supply. That was our main focus. Each feed took at least 30-45 minutes, if not more. Usually more. Then... over the course of week five and six, everything just clicked for both of us. Bonnie started eating better and quicker. My milk supply was more than sufficient. We started seeing her little personality more and more each day. A somewhat regular bed time was established and this whole being a mom thing got very real very fast as it became just me at home for a few weeks. But, we're doing it. Yes, I'm exhausted. Yes, I pretty much always have spit up on my shoulder; and I definitely spend the bare minimum amount of time making myself presentable for the day. But, we're doing it! And, look at that growing girl! Oh, we love her so much....

Happy eight weeks, sweet Bonnie girl.

September 18, 2014


There are so many words I want to say. And, at the same time, none at all. 
I'm in awe that this life grew inside of me for so long. That those kicks and punches were hers. 
There's something overwhelmingly beautiful about holding our baby in my arms while worshiping at church. Tears usually flow... and flow.. 

I carried lots of anxiety throughout my pregnancy and worried that it wouldn't disappear once she arrived. Now, my heart and soul are simply content. I carry far less anxiety now that she is here and I think much of that is by God's grace. I knew during pregnancy that worrying over her health was not beneficial, nor did it come from the Lord. I tried and tried to surrender my worries, and trust Him.  I certainly did not do a good job. God gave grace. Time and time again.  

I look back and see how much protection we had. I see how many prayed for us. I'm so very thankful. In the midst of my worries, our beautiful girl was growing and developing. She arrived in lovely form, made in the image of God. She is a daughter of the King. She is our gracious gift. She is such a joy. 
I have a renewed trust in the Lord. Not because He needed to "prove" himself, but because I can now see more of the picture and journey. God is good. God provides and protects. 

Sweet Bonnie, "He will cover you with his feathers. He will shelter you with his wings. His faithful promises are your armor and protection." Psalm 91:4

September 11, 2014

Absence makes the heart grow

 Stronger. And fonder. And thankful.

Our new family of 3 embarked on our first little road trip a couple weeks ago.  Accompanying Andrew to his away rotation at Travis Air Force Base in California was our mission. Due to a one month old (at the time) who needed frequent stops and to a mama who feared her little one would display her hatred for the car seat rather robustly the entire drive, we chose to make the 9 hour drive a two day event. 

 To our pleasant surprise, Bonnie did AMAZING in the car ... as long as one of us rode back there with her and as long as our day was framed around her needs (feed, play a bit, then back in the car for nap time and get as far as possible before she woke up!). Bonnie was also exposed to Andrew & Jenna's car trip concert extraordinaire! A.k.a.- Andrew sings beautifully and Jenna sings ridiculously loud and annoyingly and then we spend many minutes in out of control laughter. Over and over again... And you thought only Andrew was the goofy one... 
I sure hope Bonnie is taking notes on how to sing from her dad and not her mom.
We spent the first night in Ashland, OR. What a neat little town! 
Next stop, Travis AFB. 

Andrew LOVES planes. It made my heart so happy that he wanted to walk around and "show Bonnie all of the planes." I found the shaded area and admired their mini daddy-daughter date from afar. It was quite certainly roasting hot the entire trip. 

I sure love watching Andrew be a daddy. He's the best. Bonnie is one lucky gal.

A quick Chick-fil-a stop made for a great birthday treat before Bonnie and I caught our flight back home. My little travel buddy did a fantastic job once again.

 Literally counting down the hours until we get to see our guy again. And, they are very few! We are meeting half way for the weekend and couldn't be more excited! A certain Daddy is missing his little girl too much...
"I'm dying to get to the weekend so I can hold her again."

Heart melting over here... 

September 9, 2014

A mini catch up of sorts

Where on earth has all of the time gone (Bonnie will be 7 weeks old on Friday) and where do I even begin!?

Being a mom to Bonnie has been such a gift. Each night when I put her to bed, I tell her so. Our bedtime routine has also included listening and singing along to the Loch Lomond song, reciting Psalm 23, as well as a goodnight blessing verse of sorts that I fondly remember both my mom and my Mamaw saying to us before bed: "May the Lord bless you and keep you, may he make his face to shine upon you and be gracious to you. " Numbers 6:24-25. This evening, Bonnie started cooing along and smiling when I sang. That certainly blessed my soul.

Just this past week, Bonnie has seemed to grow leaps and bounds in her ability to focus on toys, people, sounds, etc. She is loving her play mat and I'm loving that she'll be entertained for a solid 10 minutes so that I can get a few things done. She then lets me help turn her for tummy time and she's again entertained for another little while. Over all, she is following a great cycle of eating, playing for bit, then napping, and starting it all over again when she wakes up. Following her "cycle" sure seems to help me better understand her cues, better care for her, and try to best meet her needs.

She most definitely has a hatred for the car seat. Hoping that gets better soon...

 I'm a little biased, but she sure is the sweetest! I also think she's going to be quite the active one like her Dad. There's not lots of just sitting still for this little one... unless she's asleep, she's always looking around and movin' & groovin'.

My maternity leave is going far too fast but I'm comforted by knowing that when I do return to work. Bonnie will be in such wonderful hands (thanks, Mom!). Bonnie is also growing way to fast! I packed away most of her newborn clothes yesterday. So sad! But I'm certainly thrilled that she's thriving and that we are over the feeding and gaining weight difficulties. I look forward to her upcoming 2 month appointment to see how much she's grown.

I have now successfully uploaded the 1,600 photos (from the past 4 weeks) off of my phone. I wish I was kidding; but I'm just a tad bit camera happy. Now, there's room for more!