May 18, 2012

Photo Hunting & Couscous

 One of the great parts about our neighborhood is the community garden down the street. I love taking detours to stroll through the beautiful gardens and see all of the flowers, plants & hard-working neighbors watering, planting, raking, and simply enjoying their plots.

Yesterday I "photo-hunted" for bees & flowers in the garden. I felt like I was a little girl again with my bug catcher (wooden carrier with wire mesh) except I was capturing images instead. I remember spending hours in our yard as a little girl searching for spiders, catching rollie pollies, and even sometimes capturing the jackpot: frogs!

Did anyone else spend time catching bugs as a child? What was your best catch? Maybe I was just an odd child....


Garlic Kale Mushroom Couscous 

-Cook couscous as directed 
-Saute garlic, mushrooms, & kale in some olive oil
-Add garlic, kale, mushroom mixture to cooked couscous & enjoy! 

*next time I'll add some bacon to the mix* 

Have a fabulous weekend!


  1. Gorgeous! Will you be my personal chef and food artist? I'll pay you bookoos of money...

  2. By the way, I remember how excited you were when you would catch a frog. They always disgusted me...


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