May 30, 2012

Baby Isaac

 Meet Isaac! I'm absolutely in love with this little munchkin and am thrilled to call him family (little cousin). This cutie-pie is very loved already!

While he is spending some time in the hospital (he's well & doing great!), I helped my Aunt (proud new Mama!) and tried to capture some newborn photos. Lighting (no natural light) & space/props/time was very limited, but I believe we got a few great shots. This was also my first attempt at photographing newborns.

...Is this kid cute or what?


  1. Jenna, these are wonderful! My favorites are the photos of him sleeping in the basket. You should do more of these infant photo shoots!

  2. These look fantastic! I cannot even believe you shot this on a whim in the hospital! You are so talented!


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