May 21, 2012

Tea Party

A few weeks ago, I attended and helped a wee-bit at a women's church Tea Party. Each table host was responsible for setting up their table with a certain theme. Yep, you guessed it, ours (my mom was the table host) was beach themed with shell dishes galore. We even wore sun hats. The women worked hard and the venue was gorgeously decorated. Truly a treat!

Our table wouldn't be complete without Beyond Jordan Studio's handcrafted artisan porcelain tableware. Our little seahorse napkin ring & table card holders were all the rave!
I loved this table as well! Bring on the circus!


  1. SO pretty! I love love those sea horse napkin rings!

  2. how wonderful is this!?! I adore tea parties, I was invited to a Jane Austen party a few months back and it was just lovely.


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