April 30, 2012

Three By the Sea: Part 1

What could be better than a baby shower for 1 expecting mom? A baby shower for THREE expecting moms! Yes, that's right... this weekend, my friend and co-worker, McKenzie, and I hosted a triple baby shower for 3 of our expecting friends (also co-workers). With 20+ fellow OB nurses in attendance, if anyone were to unexpectantly go into labor & have a baby outside of the hospital- this would be the perfect place! We had a lovely & gracious group guests & I couldn't be more pleased with the way everything turned out.
Here's a few photos from the shower! Enjoy! How to's and more in-to-depth info will eventually come in part 2. 

Pot-luck style. The counter was filled with treats. This photo was taken before everyone arrived.

 Aren't these ladies lovely? They are all due at the same time this summer. I hope I look that good when I'm pregnant. Gorgeous!

 A special thanks to McKenzie for co-hosting & doing such amazing work. We make a good team! Check out her blog, Life on Glory Acres,  for posts as well!

More to come later... Beginning my stretch at work tonight (i.e.- I'll be MIA for a few days).


  1. Love, love, love, love this, and love you my friend. Such a great experience, and you are such a great co-host. I'm so glad that we put on such a great party, and I can't wait for our next adventure!
    Also- I'm in awe of your amazing photography skills!!! Grace Photoworks= AMAZING. :)

  2. SOOOO many great pictures!!!!! You seriously need to post some on pinterest. You two are so cute and sweet! I had such a great time at the shower, thank you thank thank you!!!

  3. Jenna these are FABULOUS!! What lucky girls to have you as a shower host!!!


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