April 4, 2012

Meet Betty

Meet Betty! The new addition to my craft corner. This Saturday, Andrew's side of the family all got together to venture through Grandma & Grandpa's things (they recently moved). This was the ultimate garage sale! So much fun and SO many great finds. I have lots more to show but will do so as they are used/come up. I'm grateful for this addition and am excited to fiddle with it and change it to my measurements. Ultimately, I'm excited to try to get back to sewing (once our new place is all settled and set up of course). Andrew keeps saying that I'm going to wake up and think someone is intruding in our room (my craft corner is in our new larger bedroom and the dress form is very close to my side of the bed). We'll see...

PS- Did anyone see that TLC show about the man who collects store manikins and has an entire apartment filled with them. They each have names. I decided to name mine Betty after Andrew's Grandma. I'm sure she is pleased to meet you!

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