April 24, 2012

Portland Farmer's Market

One of the best parts about living in the city is being so close to fun things like Saturday Farmer's Markets. Even better: free public transportation. Thank you Portland for having so many transportation options. And, for never failing to deliver endless entertainment on your busy streets. I love people-watching and could probably do it for endless hours every day. 

Jon, Andrew, & Brandon enjoying pine state biscuits. So yummy!
Catherine, myself, Christine & Sam  {copied photos from Catherine- Thanks friend!}
This guy is not only crazy, but more-so, incredibly creepy... See what I mean about endless entertainment on the streets of Portland?
Christine & Jon
Check our her awesome blog, Apartment 46
Christine & little Sam
Beautiful family -- sorry for the blur!
Christine, Catherine, little Sam, and me

I look forward to more Saturday farmer's markets this summer! Do you have a favorite farmer's market buy? I usually feel overwhelmed and end up leaving with just photographs on my camera and nothing purchased. Maybe that's for the better...


  1. We LOVED going to the PSU market with you guys, thanks for letting us tag along! And those biscuits--SO good--I think you guys may have introduced us to a bad Saturday morning habit :)

    Love the pictures! If you wouldn't mind, I would love to have that pic of Jon, Sam and me on the streetcar-- Sam's little smile is so cute in that one :)

    Looking forward to more fun this weekend!

    1. It was lots of fun! Looking forward to seeing your photos from tulip trip as well! Feel free to copy photos! Let me know if it doesn't work, etc.


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