April 13, 2012

Swords & Suspenders

Awkward & Bummer
  •  Andrew had a presentation this week. He wore suspenders & a polka-dot tie. Then he informed me that he may have also worn a cowboy hat... Then I found swords near his backpack. I hope it ended there. Since when did swords, suspenders, & cowboy hats coincide with med school? I did appreciate the sword lesson he gave me though.
  • Lady in white pants biking to work... in the pouring rain = black bike seat stain imprinted up her behind. Classy.
  •  Not seeing Andrew for 2 days because of our opposite schedules. Missing our usual 30 minute dinner overlap before work. Thankful for sticky note love messages left on pillows & text updates.
  • Mixing up my left and right with a patient at work. Duh Jenna,  Anatomy 101... Embarrassing.
  • Getting the oil changed after working a 12 hr night shift and a morning meeting. The guys were cracking up at me. I couldn't correctly turn on my lights- that's what the auto setting is for! "Open the hood? Umm... hold on, let me find the switch..."  The list goes on... Hello ditz city. 
  • Dreaming that my hubby birthed our 1st baby. Weirdest dream to date. Except, I cried because I was so proud of him. Unfortunately our baby was very small (SGA for my nurse friends). Andrew was very upset and disappointed in himself- then he told me I didn't feed him enough (which is probably true). He also thought it was weird to be bleeding so much. Welcome to womanhood honey. Anyways- we had a mini-Andrew clone; squirmy and all. So strange... No, we're not pregnant. I promise!
  • Dear yappy neighbor dog, please stop barking in the middle of the day. I know the rest of the world is awake, but I'm desperately trying to sleep for work. Yappy yap yap. Ughh...


  1. You are hilarious and amazing and awesomely awkward. Since when did you become so funny?? I like this side of you... :)

  2. You are hilarious and amazing and awesomely awkward. Since when did you become so funny?? I like this side of you!

  3. hahaha, I love the Andrew dream & I love that in the dream you cried because you were so proud of him. So so so funny! :)

  4. As I was reading this, I told Chris that you guys would be so fun to hang out with! I read him the part about Andrew's presentation, and he proceeded to tell me about a presentation they did together in high school that was supposed to be about desegregation of the army. . .which led to Darth Vadar being the the first black general, and Samuel L Jackson not far behind. I wouldn't put it past them :)


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