August 8, 2011

Pizza Time!

Andrew and I had some good friends over this weekend along with some of our siblings. Both times, we had pizza! First off: homemade pizza crust (using our new mixer that we got as a wedding present- Thanks!). This was a basic, cheese, mushroom, onion, yellow-pepper pizza. We later made english muffin mini pizzas for a little snack with our siblings. Both great options and quite tasty! 

Need a quick snack? Or a quick little lunch idea? Try these english muffin mini pizzas. You can add veggies, any pizza toppings, &/or just add regular pizza sauce and cheese! Broil for a few minutes and VoilĂ ! Serve with some salad and fruit and you've got a full meal. 

You can also spritz them up to be more fancy for guests.

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  1. Def need some ideas for food during school!


    OH and I LOVE PICS from yalls trip! :)

    Love yall!


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