August 27, 2011

Bed Saga

We finally have a bed! This has been the most frustrating customer service/business issue I have ever dealt with.  Here's the story:  

Before our wedding, Andrew and I went bed shopping and purchased a bed to be delivered to our place right after we returned from our honeymoon. This sounded perfect, even though the situation seemed uncomfortable in the manner in which they tried to sell us the mattress so quickly and get our money.  Well.... For the following 5 weeks, the bed delivery has been pushed back an additional week with "courtesy calls" notifying us that it will JUST be ONE more week....... Try JUST 5 more weeks! So, for this interim time, we have been switching back and forth between the futon in our living room and foam mats on the floor in our bedroom. Neither are the most comfortable for consecutive nights of sleep. Especially when I need to sleep during the day for my nights on at work. Each week, we are reassured by the salesmen that the bed will indeed be delivered the following weekend.

We finally had enough when we got the same "courtesy call" this week. Andrew canceled the order, bought a bed from another company, and I came home from work this morning to this gorgeous bed all made for me to jump right in! So lovely!

Whew! So glad to finally have a bed. Trust and patience are not always virtues... We should have canceled weeks ago....  My recommendation for bed shopping is to steer clear of Mattress World. 

Foam mats on floor

All things considered, I find myself feeling bad for being so upset about not having a bed to sleep in for 5 weeks while millions of people never have a bed to sleep in at night. So, all in all, I need to put things into perspective and I am grateful to just have a roof over my head. However, the business-woman in me just cannot get over how terrible of customer service we experienced from the very beginning.

Looking forward to better nights sleep in our cozy bed!


  1. Such a pretty new bed! Does the sign next to the bed say "team"?

    You are right about being grateful when so many people don't have beds to sleep on. Good reminder!

    Hope dinner date went well. Hasta.

  2. Yay for a wonderful Hubby to take care of the situation!

  3. And it looks fabulous! I love the P.S. I love you pillow cases =]


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