August 9, 2011

Birthday, Birthday, Bon Voyage!

This past Sunday, Andrew's family celebrated his belated birthday, my Father-in-law's birthday, and my sister-in-law's last few weeks in town before leaving for college (Bon Voyage). Since I couldn't be there because I had to work (my first night shift!), I decided to attempt to make a cake!

So, I made this chocolate cake with a peach filling and butter-cream frosting. Ever seen peaches in a chocolate cake? Yea... me either... But, it was the only thing we had in the fridge that had potential...

We used the food processor to mush the peaches and simply added sugar... 

 As you can see,  cutting the cake in half was a challenge...not too pretty...
 I made this little flag set to add a little decoration on my poorly frosted cake.

 All in all, I don't suggest making a chocolate peach-filling cake... But, Andrew and his family were gracious enough to try it. And, this whet my appetite to try new recipes that hopefully both taste and look much better! Furthermore... I hope to refrain from slicing any more fingers at my next baking adventure. Andrew came to the rescue for his first ER patient (me). After holding my pinky up for 10 minutes with pressure, it FINALLY stopped bleeding (no worries, no blood got into the cake, only love!). Luckily, I had some stashed medical supplies to bandage my poor little pinky and my sweet hubby took over the baking. I'll have a re-do baking day soon!

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  1. You crack me up! Yeah, I've never heard of a peach filled chocolate cake. Probably for good reason... :) Way to be creative, though! Hope your finger is feeling better!


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