August 30, 2011

"Christmas in My Mouth"

Do you ever have NO idea what to cook and just end up making things up as you go? Well, we had some friends over and I just began cooking to see what I came up with. After our meal, Tyson kindly complimented the cook saying that it tasted like "Christmas in his mouth" and "all of the lights were lit!" How sweet and so funny. Anyways, I made this tomato, mushroom baked chicken with a tomato cream sauce pasta and potato/carrot veggies. Also served with a garden salad and fruit salad. 
Sweet, salty, savory. Delicious.
I was most pleased with the tomato cream sauce. I can't even tell you how I made it because I just kept adding things until it tasted right. Ended up looking kinda funky in color but tasting great!

Chocolate Fondue with Angel food cake,  marshmallows, & apples for Dessert! 

My fav spot to relax : ) 


  1. Jenna, you are amazing. No, incredible. No, genius. That's all. Oh, and you have Mom's cooking genes through and through.

  2. Tyson's quote made me miss that boy. This looked like a fun evening!!


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