July 25, 2012

Jack #2 | Lessons | Newborn

I had another mini photo session with Jack!
All of my friends have little boys...
 We are majorly lacking in the girl department...

This little guy was quite the trooper! I'm still learning about photographing newborns and I seem to learn something new each time. 

This time I learned:

The temperature of the photo-setting plays a HUGE role in your photographs. The "mottling" or white/pink spotting that you can notice in the 2nd to last photograph is present because we were photographing on the porch in natural light on a warm afternoon but it was slightly too cool for baby Jack. Otherwise, his skin would have a nice creamy appearance straight out of the camera. Editing mottling is very challenging. Next time I will make it a priority to have a calm, warm environment for the baby as this produces much nicer photos! Thankfully, most of these turned out fine and the mottling was not as severe as in the prior shoot that I did for Jack. For Baby Blake, I used a heating pad under his blanket. This seemed to not only keep him warm enough but also make him comfortable to fall asleep. A heating pad will now always be in my newborn prop basket (which I need to add props to)!

Always learning! 


  1. awesome work--wonderful pictures!

  2. SOOO CUTE!! I love photography, and i just recently got a DSLR on craigslist....i am no where near you...but what lens would you recomend? Love the shot of the feet. Great job!


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