July 2, 2012

Anna & Jeremy | Olympia, Washington Wedding

This, folks, is love. Anna & Jeremy met at college and had their first date over hot cocoa. Through 4 years of school, both near and far apart (as Jeremy is stationed in NY in the Army and Anna did some studying abroad in Namibia), these two found a way to make it work. I had the pleasure of photographing their gorgeous, sweet, barn wedding as well as assisting with the flowers (post to come later on that). They didn't see each other before the wedding and chose to exchange letters around a corner before the ceremony. So many sweet moments! It was cold & cloudy, then hot & sunny, then followed by a torrential downpour. Washington was just showing off it's bi-polar weather super powers for all of the guests. All in all, the farm was the perfect venue for this perfect couple.

I like to call Anna my "little sis" as I was her RA in college, which then lead to us becoming great friends. Jeremy displays his love for Anna in such a kind, respectful, loving way. He simply adores her and she has only the most uplifting things to say about him. They make a great couple as well as a great-looking couple! Congrats newlyweds! 


 I still have tons of photos to process, but here is a decent sampling from the mix. Hope you enjoyed them! 

PS- I forgot to mention my amazing assistants- Andrew and Catherine. They deserve a HUGE thank you as I simply couldn't have done it without them. What a blessing and joy it was to work with my husband and dear friend! We make a great team.


  1. What an incredible collection, and a incredible wedding set up to even work with, so pretty and unique! Love your perspective and shots so much!

  2. I had no idea you were in to wedding photography. This is solid work, Jenna. You seem to have a good eye for composition. Really well done.

    1. Jason- I had no idea I was either! I've been asked to do weddings and always say no. This was a first for me! Thanks for the kind comments. I've definitely got a lot to learn! It helped to have such a beautiful couple and gorgeous venue.

  3. Seriously SO GOOD!!!! You did an amazing job with those pics!

  4. These are wonderful Jenna! Thank you so much for taking time out of your vacation to come and photograph our wedding. I truly appreciate you, you are such a great friend! Miss you lots!
    -Anna Stokke

  5. Where is this wedding venue? Its so great and my fiance and I are looking at possible venues in this area!

  6. Where is this wedding venue? Its so great and my fiance and I are looking at possible venues in this area!


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