July 9, 2012


After 4 nights of work, this is a pretty good depiction of how I feel right now. I'm pooped! Here's to 2 days off and a week full of catching up with friends I haven't seen in ages.

These are animals from the West Coast Game Park near Bandon, OR.  I'll never look at a zoo the same way. This place is 10x better and so interactive!
Holding the baby Bobcat! If you add poking and prodding, this is almost what I did the past few nights at work...

This is what I should be doing right now...

Staring at this guy makes me feel better about the way I look. Maybe I could sell this as a self confidence booster? What do you think?
If you think you're done seeing animal pictures, think again.  I have far too many to choose from. So, blog readers, beware.... 

I hope you all had a wonderful weekend!
 In other news, I've finally joined instagram! You can follow me at jennagracer.


  1. #1) I want to hold a baby bobcat!!
    #2) That bird makes me feel awesome.
    #3) Welcome to Instagram!!
    #4) Are you still shooting in manual? Your pictures look amazing!

  2. oh gosh, great pictures and such beautiful animals!
    xo TJ


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