July 16, 2012

1st Anniversary! You're the bees knees babe...

Get ready for an overwhelming number of photos... 

That's right, today is our 1st wedding anniversary!

Happy anniversary love! Though we are states apart and unable to celebrate together (sad face), I can still share that this has been the most loving, wonderful, beautiful, fun, and amazing year, and I'm pretty sure it only gets better...


 The number of nicknames I have for this guy is ridiculous... maybe someday I'll share some :)
Okay, I might have gone a little overboard on the pics.... 
Love you babe. Can't wait to celebrate when you get back!


  1. HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!! What a wonderful day that was. I'm so excited for you to start an awesome year number two. Love to you both!

  2. Happy Anniversary!!! Love your photos :) great fore-thought.

  3. happy anniversary! you both are absolutely adorable!
    xo TJ


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