December 7, 2011

DIY: Re-Done Trash Chairs= My Treasure

Our refurbished chairs! 

 As I posted in the beginning of November, the hubs and I found these chairs in the dump at our apartment one evening. Such a find! They were a bit beat up and smelt like smoke.  Eww. The seats were quite gross indeed. But, all they needed was some TLC and they are now good as new! 

Sanded, painted, upholstered, Tada! 
Found an R on each corner... I can only assume it means 'Right'.... but I say it's for our last name :)  These chairs were meant to be ours!

 Andrew and I worked together on Black Friday to complete our chairs. It was so nice to be able to work on a project together.
I was hoping to use a more funky fabric for the seats, but it being black friday and all, the waits at the fabric stores I went to were at least 2+ hours. Not worth it.... I can always easily recover them!

What do you think?  

PS-  It's my Dad's birthday!!!
Happy Birthday Dad! Love you! Wish I could meet you for a Hacienda date today. Rain check?  

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  1. I love your chair re-do! Where'd you learn how to do that? While browsing your blog I saw that you also know how to sew your own shirts! So, crafty! I sewed myself some pillow covers and was more proud of myself than I probably should have been for being able to sew 4 straight lines... :)


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