December 9, 2011

DIY: You is Kind, You is Smart, You is Important

Have you seen and/or read The Help? If not, you should (& bring tissues). It's such a touching film. This is a quote from the movie that is repeated throughout. So sweet & such a great reminder.

My Mom recently saw the film and wanted to create a sign/artwork for her house. So, that's what we did!
Very simple, child-like (which is fitting). Just paint on a canvas and sharpie! Mom added some burlap to hers.

 -Aibileen Clark

The Help


  1. These are too cute {and a good reminder}! My mom and I wanted to go see that movie together when it came out, but it never happened. I'm thinking I should rent it and bring it over next time I go visit.
    Does your mom live in town?

  2. So sweet. Pretty pictures of mom too.

  3. Christine: You should watch it with your mom! No, my parents live in Salem. Not in Portland, but close enough to get together!


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