December 2, 2011

DIY: Stenciled Jars

I added a little flair to the baking jars in my kitchen and LOVE the subtle creative touch. 
This is a very basic, simple project just requiring a few supplies and a couple of minutes.
Supplies:  Sticky stencils (I found some at Michael's Crafts in the "Martha Stuart aisle"), paint brush, paint (I used a satin, all purpose paint), and an item to stencil. 
I find these sticky stencils to be so much easier for round items like these jars than the typical non-stick stencil that you have to hold tightly and/or tape down to the item you are painting.

The possibilities are endless... I could stencil so many things in my house right now. I won't... Ok, maybe just a few things like a mug or special plate.
Happy stenciling!


  1. Jenna, I love these jars, such a great idea! I'll have to try out some of these recipes too :). Cute blog! I started one around the same time too. Hmm... I wonder what could have transpired in our lives in August that left us with extra time on our hands... oh yes, med school stealing our husbands away. :)


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