December 15, 2011

That's a Wrap!

 I had a wrapping party with myself and the company of fabulous Christmas movies the other night. I may or may not have even wrapped some fun snacks from the grocery store to open on Christmas. Hey, they'd otherwise be gone by Christmas and it will be fun this way because I already forgot what all is wrapped up.  Fun times! By the way an inexpensive wrapping option with endless possibilities is to purchase postal packaging paper by the roll. I bought a HUGE roll for around $5-$6 from Fred Meyers and believe me, it will last forever! I like the simple, rustic look of the brown-paper-bag-like wrap. 

Will anyone else admit to buying themselves something and wrapping it up, or am I the only one? 
I remember years ago when my sister bought herself a pair of shoes, wrapped them up, and opened them on Christmas morning acting completely & genuinely surprised. I think she'd forgotten all about them! It made for quite a laugh that morning. How can you Christmas shop without getting yourself things too? I just don't have enough self control for that quite yet...

PS: Family all over the country, sorry if your gifts are late! I need to send them ASAP. 


  1. I definitely have bought two things for myself thus far... and wrapped them... :) you're not alone!

  2. Those gifts look amazing! I love the twine! I wrapped some Christmas gifts for Jon's family last night and I can tell you the wrap job looks nothing like that. I may be a little jealous of your gift wrapping ability right about now... :)

  3. You stole my story! :) I was all ready to comment about my shoe wrapping, and there it was. I laughed out loud and felt special all at the same time. :) You should do a twine wrapping how-to...


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