October 2, 2011

DIY: Soy Candles

Make your own soy candles! We followed this blog tutorial.

After a rooftop dinner with our friends, Brandon and Catherine (Brandon goes to medschool with Andrew and his wife, Catherine, is a fellow nurse!), we started the candle making project. The guys headed up to the lab for some studying. 

 We mostly used vanilla, cinnamon, and some lavender as scents. 
After the wax dried, we topped the mason jars off with fabric and tags.
 I think they turned out great! Can't wait to try lighting one. They make great gifts too!


  1. Love it! So how long did this take - start to finish?

  2. I would say it took us about 1.5 hrs to do it all... Now that we know what we are doing, it would take probably about 1 hour or so.

  3. Those look so great!! Ah I miss you more and more.


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