January 10, 2013

Lots of little man Isaac

 This kid could not possibly get any cuter could he?!? Though he had a cold yesterday and was sneezy-snotty, he let me snap a few pics of him in the morning light. Isaac likes to sit near the window-door leading to our porch and watch the happenings of outside. It usually allows me a few minutes here and there to clean up or take a potty break when I'm babysitting him. The light hits him just right that it's hard to resist practicing some photography. I happened to have 2 white towels folded nearby from the laundry that worked as a great make-shift "studio set up." I could not get him to smile for the life of me. I think this was mostly because wasn't feeling too well. I also had to act quick and wasn't able to grab my best lens; but these will do!

He's going to be such a ladies man. Just check out them eye lashes.
Bonus to me babysitting = You get tons of pics of your kiddo! Good photography practice for me too!

"You talkin' to me???"
"Don't care; I'm over this picture-taking stuff...."
 "My reward was bath time!"
 "Now that's what I call fun! I even splashed all over you and your bathroom Mwahahahaa..."

A bit older Isaac (after the oreo chewy bar recipe)


  1. What a little cutie! Sometime soon, I'd like to pick your brain about photography. I would love to be able to take nice pictures (especially for whenever we have a cute little one like this guy...not soon or anything). I've never used an SLR camera though, and wouldn't no where to begin in purchasing one (and not wanting to spend too much!). I just love your pictures, and thought you'd be a good one to ask :)

  2. adorable little mr.
    and good job lady!


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