January 6, 2013

Family Carribean Cruise Vacation | Part 1

What a week we just had! My sweet Mamaw (or 'grandmother' for you non-southern folks) took the entire family on a Caribbean cruise. How many is the whole family you ask? A whopping 26! This includes 3 great granddaughters and 14 cousins, plus aunts & uncles, and the head honcho, Mamaw. With the majority of my family living in a different state, it was a very special week to all be together without a single person absent. What a blessing. 

Below is the first sampler from our trip. In black and white. Just to whet your appetite... Tomorrow you'll see the beautiful colors the Caribbean has to offer.

I'll share more details from the trip in tomorrow's post. I sincerely hope that you enjoyed your holiday season. How meaningful it was to welcome the new year with family.  Now back to real life... 


  1. Love these pictures! Can't wait to see the rest!! p.s. so jealous you got to relax in the Caribbean over christmas!

  2. Gorgeous photos! I'm looking forward to hearing more! My fiance and I are deciding what to do for our honeymoon and he is pro Cruise and I am pro all Inclusive resort, so I will be reading up on your family experience! Happy New Year!

    1. Both sound great :) All-inclusive being the key to stress free. However, I do think that you would enjoy dressing up for the dinners each night on a cruise (not that you wouldn't do that at a resort). And, the great thing about cruises is that most of the ports offer you excursions to near by resorts that you get to hang out in all day. So, it's kind of like you get to enjoy numerous all-inclusive resorts in different countries all in the same week. Okay, I'm a little biased... Looking forward to hearing what you guys eventually decide and seeing your blog wedding festivities of course.


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