August 24, 2012

Awesome & Awkward

  • The old scruffy-looking man at Starbucks that very confidently stated, "It's okay. I'm 82. I can look at you girls..."   Ummmm.... excuse me? "And with that, I'll leave..." as he gets up and walks away. 
  • Riding in elevators with people at our apartment... why can't people just smile and say hello? So awkward...
  • Catching myself singing out loud with earphones in at a coffee shop. Oops! 
  • While at a delivery a while ago, I said, "Wow, a red head! He's precious!"... and the new mom said something along the lines of, "Ohhh nooooo, it'll wash out right? Noooo." Interesting response...
  • A full beach weekend with best friends from college. It's so nice to reconnect and reminisce!
  • Getting my rings cleaned. So sparkly! Working as a nurse does a number on my poor rings.
  • Photographing this lovely gal
  • Getting to work in the ridiculously beautiful brand new children's hospital for the a while (temporary move for our unit). Get ready to see some Portland skyline pics over the next few weeks.
  • Having my hubs home & enjoying the last 2 weeks of summer with him. (We enjoyed trips like this one, & this one)
  • Checking things off my summer do to list...  (Now that I know more about this great city, I'd add much more to the list. Working on a favorite Portland spots list...) 
  • Looking forward to visits from 2 very special people next week and the week after. Can't wait!
  • My Birthday is next week! 24... feeling old right now

Bolt time!
Happy Friday! Have a great weekend!


  1. Ummm...creepy old it's still not ok to gawk over cute girls!! Hahha.....Oh well...that's a compliment right??

    So fun doing a beach trip with your favorite gals!

  2. All your bullets about summer are makin me kinda sad that summer is almost over! Ack where did it go?! That old man is yucky... there's nothing more awkward than being TOLD you're being checked out. Yikes!

  3. The most interesting/awkward people always talk to me in a Starbucks.


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