August 7, 2012

US Air Force Commissioned Officer Training Graduation | Day 1


A picture is worth a thousand words right? You get the picture... my hubby is finished with training & I'm a happy wife.

He spent the last 5 weeks at Maxwell Air Force Base in Montgomery, Alabama completing Air Force Commissioned Officer Training. I was able to attend his graduation festivities in Alabama and am still catching up from the quick trip myself. Day #1 of his graduation celebrations included a spouse/family orientation, flag ceremony, and an awards ceremony. He worked very hard over the past 5 weeks and is still catching up on sleep & rest (I've never seen him fall asleep so fast). More to come later- but for now, enjoy the photos!

{Special thanks to my travel buddy & photography helper! Thanks for helping capture these sweet moments, Mom!}

 PS- Alabama is so hot. At 7am, my hair was nicely curled into beautiful ringlets & by 8am= instantly flat. I should have known not to even try. So humid! Props to all of these Airmen & women who are working hard every day in that heat. Oh my goodnesssssss.....


  1. yay for being done with training! all of these pictures are just perfect, and you two look oh so happy! ;)
    xo TJ

  2. Love love love your pictures (especially the first ones)! I'm so happy for you guys! once Andrew gets all rested we need to get together :)

  3. I especially love the third pic :)

  4. yipeeeeeeeee jenna (do you go by jenna alone?) those black and white pictures are right out of a movie, melting my heart. oh man!!! I'm so happy for you both, glad you shared with us;)

  5. I found this blog after "googling" a few questions. Your pictures are gorgeous! My boyfriend is about to leave for OTS in January, and his last date for training is schedule as March 25 which is a Tuesday. Did they have your boyfriends graduation events over a weekend? I am just trying to plan ahead so I can schedule off work!


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