August 13, 2012

US Air Force COT | Day #2

It seems like forever ago now (just last week), but here are some photos from Andrew's COT graduation day#2. This day included a "parade" of sorts with lots of marching, saluting, and standing. There was even singing of the Air Force song-- which I now know by heart and sang obsessively for nearly an entire week. I feel incredibly blessed to have been in attendance (in Montgomery, Alabama) and am even more grateful for a healthy, happy husband now at home. 

I sure didn't mind seeing him in uniform...


We even enjoyed a date night in Montgomery!
 Southern sweet tea + tex mex + my Airman + a few "yes Ma'ams and No Sir's" = 1 smitten Jenna

Though Andrew won't be active duty for a few years, a life of adventure is calling our name and we're so excited!


  1. Such great photos! You two look dashing together. It's like you were made for each other.

    Excited for your life ahead.

  2. Jenna,

    My name is May, and I'm a captain in the USAF stationed in Japan. I currently teach about the USAF, to include commissioning sources and COT. I ran across these awesome pics on your page from a COT graduation...which is a perfect demonstration to my students how COT works. It's the picture with everyone in formation and taking the Oath of Commission. The different ranks are seen clearly, and it's a really nice photo. Would you mind if I used that picture in my presentation to the students?

    Thank you,



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