February 9, 2012

"Couple Friends"

I know, I know... more beach pictures. I am so in love with the beach and am more-so incredibly thankful that God has blessed us with friends who know & love Him. "Couple friends" at that! Andrew and I haven't really had many couple friends up until this point. These women not only get what it means to be married, but they get what it is like to be a wife of a medical student. Even better, we're all nurses! How much better could it get?

Tillamook Factory ~cheese & ice cream~
Rockaway Beach ~frisbee, waves, & sand~
Canon Beach ~picnic, starfish & sunsets~

Back to Portland for Pizza, Portlandia episodes, & delicious peanut butter chocolate chip cookes. Good times.
The whole group!

Loving Momma! Christine & Sam
PS- this is Christine's blog  (Apartment 46)

Brandon & Catherine
Sand Man!
My favorite workout buddy!
Seriously, how cute is this kid!?
Christine to the rescue...

 Tillamook Cheese Factory! Yum!
Thank you Andrew for ruining the picture...


  1. LOVE these pictures! I even disrupted Jon from his studying last night to come look at all of your beach pictures. I know I said it before, but you are so talented! I may need to snag a few of these from you!

    p.s. when Jon was looking through the pictures he commented on Andrew's facial expression, then he scrolled down and saw your comment and laughed :)

  2. I grew up in Tillamook, and religiously only stock their cheese and ice cream at our house :) So fun! Have fun in Houston my friend!


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