January 2, 2012

My Happy Place

Welcome to my happy place. The beach has always been a place I love & some of my happiest days have been spent here. I was thankful to have gotten to spend a brief 24 hours at the Oregon Coast this weekend. We went right after work on Friday and came home in time for some new years celebration time with Andrew's fam.

Here are just a few photos from our mini-trip. I wish I was still there.... much better than working and the LOADS of laundry and cleaning I have stacked up. 

Watched War Horse (great movie!)
Walked along the beach
Had a Daddy/daughter Date
Hot tub for nearly 2 hours... it was fabulous!
Caught up with my Mom & Brother
Ate good food
= a great 24 hours!

PS- I really want to go whale watching after watching a crazy documentary about a killer whale who killed a great white shark. Awesome!

 Rain Boots are the perfect beach-feet-gear! I don't know why I never thought of this before!

We used to do this all the time as kids! Still got it!


A bit of honesty: These past 2 weeks have been jam packed with family and fun which has been so great! However.... this guy and I have literally spent 1 night together (just us) in our apartment in two weeks thanks to working nights and holiday stuff.  I miss him just a little..... okay... a lot! I'm aching for time away with just us.... But the holiday "break" is over. Looks like a weekend getaway is in order!


  1. Love your beach pictures! The beach is my happy place too :). And I totally hear you on the lack of alone time with the husband, it was great to spend time with our families, but we're glad to finally be home, just the three of us.

  2. Looks like you had so much fun with the hermano! He's so happy when you two are around. :) Yes, you and A. definitely need a whole weekend to yourselves. Any free weekends coming up? Love you.

  3. Sorry, last one was from me...

  4. Beautiful--this looks like the perfect New Years, I'm glad you got some family time and beach time! (though we missed you...but I'm excited if next week still works out!!)

    You look lovely as always. And have great ab strength to play airplane! woo!


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