January 23, 2012

Love-Fest Ladies Night


 I had the pleasure of joining my Mom's church small group of young married women last week. They meet outside of church monthly for dinner, prayer, and sometimes a fun activity. This month, I joined this lovely group of women & organized a little craft activity (Love cards for our husbands). We decided to have a Love/Valentines theme for our little gathering. It was uplifting to be surrounded by other young married women who love God & I enjoyed meeting each of them.  Here are some photos from our night! 

Desserts pictured include Strawberry mini cupcakes & Red Velvet choc chip Cake Cookies (made by Mom). We had Tacos for dinner- the best big group meal! Each person can bring a topping. Easy for all!

 All set up before the women arrived. Here's an example card & tag I made.

 Crafting away!
A few of the finished products. Yes, most turned out a bit more feminine than our hubbies would probably want, but I'm sure they'll appreciate the effort & creativity.
 Pink lemonade with frozen blueberries for beverages. In Mason jars with name tags! I think my Mom & I make a good party planning team! I just tell her my ideas & what to do (& supply some of the supplies), and she works her magic! She's the best!

 The verse for the night:  

"You make known to me the path of life; in your presence there is fullness of joy; at your right hand are pleasures forevermore."

Psalm 16:11

We focused on ways that we can pray for our husbands more. Not just that they would have a good day... But specifically pray for aspects of their life. For their minds, their thoughts, their insecurities, their co-workers, their health, attitude, & ultimately, we pray that they would be striving to be more like Christ. This is something I've really been focusing on and have found such a shift in my attitude & my ability to love my husband with my whole heart. 

I often use this little book as guidance to help pray scripture over my husband. If I know Andrew is struggling with energy & having a positive attitude, I can go to the "attitude" section & find specific prayers with scriptures to guide my own prayers for him that day. I received this book as a wedding gift from our pastor's wife & am so thankful for her thoughtfulness. Check it out! 

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  1. Yes indeed, twas a fun evening with such wonderful Ladies! Always encouraging to "do life" together with others in the same season of life and even better to spurr one another on to pray for our Men! Praying for my Man has always made me a better wife....hmmm, funny how that works....:) love spending time with you Jenna Grace!


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