April 23, 2014

My pregnancy must-haves

My pregnancy must-haves

Here is a brief look at some of my pregnancy must-haves thus far. Most of these items are used on a daily basis. 
1. Long tank tops (Old Navy Maternity $10)
2. Pregnancy pillow/tons of pillows
3. Cocoa lotion (my favorite is Queen Helene cocoa butter - it's inexpensive and does the trick)
4. Burt's Bees lip balm
5.  Bulky necklace (takes attention off of growing middle and adds a little extra pretty)
6. Comfy shoes. Nike Frees are my go-to. 
7. A large purse (I always have snacks, water, tums bottle, etc. The extra space is nice)
8. Wireless larger bra (Target's Champion brand sports bras are my favorite. So comfortable!)
9. A large water bottle (I seem to drink more when there's a straw)

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