April 2, 2013


 Much has changed during this little blog break I've been on. For starters- we moved! It was sort of a last minute, 'our rent is going up & blah blah blah, hurry, find a new place.' There were many reasons that we felt a move was wise. With the help of friends and family- the move was seamless and fast. We are oh so grateful. Adios apartment living, we are now living in a house! An old house at that. A charming house. A sweet house. A new neighborhood. A new chapter.
We left with mixed feelings. Actually, mostly sad feelings. The apartment we had enjoyed over the past year, the neighborhood we had called home over the past 2 years (almost) was perfect. Even worse... Little Big Burger just opened on our old street! For those unfamiliar with Portland's LBB, it's amazing. And, I'd probably eat there 3 times a week if I could. Andrew was able to walk to and from OHSU, I had a great commute, the apartment was modern & amazing... the list goes on. It was a great 2 years and we are thankful for our time there and for God's provision in placing us there. 

Even though our last home was much loved, this home is quickly becoming quite adored. With each and every day, I'm loving it more and more. More on this later... 

But for now- here's a few iPhone pics from our new home/neighborhood. More on that to come later.

Over all, God is good and we are so thankful to have found a new place that will hopefully be our home for more than 1 year (this is our 3rd home in less than 2 years). Something to pray about...


  1. I can't believe how much you have decorated already -- you are too good!

  2. Awesome! I've done both and love living Ina house! It's almost, grown up feeling:) can't wait to see more of it, u made your apartment so lovely

  3. It looks fantastic! I can't wait to see it! and im so glad to hear you are falling in love with your new neighborhood :)


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