October 30, 2012

Awesome & Awkward

  • It's finally boot & scarf weather and I love it
  • Watching the entire 1st season of Homeland in a week with the hubs... so good
  • The oreos that I bought for Andrew, but secretively bought for myself... I've eaten far more than he has. Shhhh....
  • Weekly play dates with our baby cousin Isaac. If you follow me on instagram or facebook, you know how ridiculously adorable he is
  • Our Sunday morning marriage class at church- really challenges us to discuss and pray about applicable and important things
  • The insane amount of pie we've had in our fridge over the past 2 weeks. Whew! 
  • Rolling my ankle at the crosswalk while leaving from work. Don't worry, there were only a few people behind me and just 1 car at the crosswalk. Smoooooth
  • Trying to console a fussy, tired, yet oh so sweet 5 month old in a strategically chosen aisle at the grocery story (the baby/diaper aisle- hoping for sympathetic moms who understood). Poor baby fell asleep shortly after and slept the whole way home. No sympathetic moms- just an abandoned aisle
  •  The fact that I'm wearing all black with a brown purse in the pic above... hence the black and white photo to cover it up
  • Trying to speak Spanish with my patient and calling blood "sangria" instead of "sangre"... She probably would have preferred some sangria after delivering a baby and was super confused why I was asking about it. Oh boy, I have a lot to learn
  • Being the youngest in that Sunday morning marriage class by at least 10 years... Most are probably in their 50's. Never too early to make our marriage a priority and learn ways to keep it that way


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  2. hahaha, I have never thought to hide out in the diaper isle with a cranky baby/kid, but I must say, that is brilliant! That's awesome you guys are attending that marriage class, what an amazing foundation you are building for the rest of your lives :)

  3. I so don't like rolling my ankle, it's theoddest, most painful annoying thing ever!

    I love having boot weather too, i'm having so much fun wearing my two fave pairs:)

    I've GOT to watch Homeland, I've heard amazing things about it xo


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