October 5, 2012


I have new material for those "introduce yourself and say a random fact about yourself" ice-breakers! While at the doctor's office, the physician looked at me quite confused & asked if I had any significant health issues. When I answered no, he said, "Ok, I was trying to be discrete, but do you have an amputation somewhere? Am I missing something? Your chart says you have an amputation. I see normal limbs, fingers, & toes..."

I displayed my proper limbs and assured him that it must be an error in my chart. Maybe I should get that fixed? Or maybe I should keep it and just confuse people. Ha... highlight of my day!


  1. Hilarious. I think you should leave it on there. For a while at least. :)

  2. HA, that is too funny. I wonder how they got your charts all mixed up. Or how it somehow says you are an amputee.
    xo TJ


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