November 6, 2012

OREGON 2013 Calendar

I'm excited to share my newest DIY project: An Oregon calendar with some of my own favorite Oregon photography. I love this state and the numerous beauties that come with. The Oregon Coast, Crater Lake, Oregon tulips, Oregon Lighthouses... so many favorites. Here's a couple of peeks!  (dear family, you may or may not be getting one for a xmas- try to act surprised ;/ ). 

If you have a favorite calendar making app or company- let me know. I'd like to experiment with other ways to make calendars and have more options. 

PS- Though my Dad did the same thing and warned me not to do so, I might have licked and sealed my ballot in the wrong envelope (skipped the whole security envelope thing)... a few clean cuts and some tape later and there you have it- a perfectly normal ballot. Sure hope they count it!


  1. so glad it turned out so well! can't wait to see it in person!

  2. I LOVED this!!! I'm so not savvy with using my photos to do things with, it's so frustrating. I even want to present my photos on my blog better, (first I have to get out of the habit of using IG for everything)--I know I've got to use my real camera, but it's hard to find collages that look good too:/


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