September 19, 2014

Week by week | one-six

Though miss Bonnie turns eight weeks today, I'm sharing her week by week photos up to week six! I think that week 6 brought a turning point for us in regards to feeding, sleeping, and somewhat of a schedule. By week six, I feel like I had finally figured this little one out and really got to know her and what her cues and cries meant. Weeks one through four were mostly entirely about establishing milk supply. That was our main focus. Each feed took at least 30-45 minutes, if not more. Usually more. Then... over the course of week five and six, everything just clicked for both of us. Bonnie started eating better and quicker. My milk supply was more than sufficient. We started seeing her little personality more and more each day. A somewhat regular bed time was established and this whole being a mom thing got very real very fast as it became just me at home for a few weeks. But, we're doing it. Yes, I'm exhausted. Yes, I pretty much always have spit up on my shoulder; and I definitely spend the bare minimum amount of time making myself presentable for the day. But, we're doing it! And, look at that growing girl! Oh, we love her so much....

Happy eight weeks, sweet Bonnie girl.

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