September 6, 2013

iLife explosion

Anyone who hangs out with me knows that my iPhone is normally right by my side. I couldn't dare miss a moment to capture via the iPhone camera. It often times drives Andrew crazy. I'm working on limiting the number of photos I take and the number of times I stop to take photos when we are out and about. I think I'm actually improving in this area, yahoo. It's understandably annoying. But, this is how I remember. The images I capture help form memories. I envision myself as an old, confused lady with a sweet husband by my side who has made book after book of all of my photos. Imagine the 'Notebook' story line but with photos instead of a written story. My mind works in images. I look at each of these photos and instantly remember what the rest of that day included. What I was doing, what I was thinking as the light so beautifully fell beneath those clouds. I remember that meal we shared together, those laughs we enjoyed, that great conversation we had on that walk...
Yes, I even remember the ridiculous number of times I had to stop at starbucks just to get through those long and sleepless days and worth-it drives back and forth to see my Andrew :)
 With a cleared out iphone photo-roll, fall candles burning, and a stormy day outside, I'm ready to make & capture some new fall memories. Happy nearly Fall! It certainly feels like it around here...


  1. Wish I lived closer so we could meet for coffee and takes photos of our coffee cups to remember our conversation. :)

  2. Love the imagery of you two looking through all your old photos several decades down the road :). You have such an eye for photography, your pictures are always so lovely! Sam gets annoyed when I take too many pictures, "no more pictures mommy!". Too bad, so sad, little man, because I'm not stoppin ;)


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