July 25, 2013

Awesomes & Awkwards

 Leaving my tennis shoes on the front porch over night and going on morning walks in sun-warmed soles. It's the best feeling. Running into spider webs on my walks and then doing my spiders-get-off-me-dance is the worst. At least the neighborhood gets a show.

 Fresh, ripe tomatoes from my dying plants. They look pretty hideous in the front yard and certainly highlight my lack of gardening skills- but they keep producing. My neighbors probably chuckle each time they pass by, but I don't see their plants yielding red tomatoes, so there. Maybe I'm on to something...

 Andrew and I don't talk much when he's away. We are usually on opposite schedules. It's amazing how much we are both okay with it (mostly amazing how much I am okay with it). I know and trust that he is working hard, and he knows the same of me. And, we know that we'll see each other in a few days and hopefully catch up then. Maybe last year's Air Force training was good husband-away-training too. I had a much harder time last summer with very limited contact. But, a simple "hi, had a good day, you ok? love you, goodnight" is plenty for now and we make do. Add a few emoji pics in there too and I'm a happy wife. Or, maybe it's because losing Gabriel put things into perspective. There are worse things than not having Andrew home every day. Far worse...

 When opening our 2 year anniversary cards, a table setting card fell from the envelope. At our wedding, each table was titled with an attribute from the "love is" verse in 1st Corinthians. The card that fell read "patience." All fell quickly quiet in the depths of my soul. How perfect. The one thing I have been praying and pleading God for most is just that- Patience. It's what I need most right now. So- to whoever put that card in there, thank you. Love is patient...

 My sister is coming to visit with baby Reid in a few weeks! I'm beyond thrilled to get to spend time with my little nephew and enjoy his 3-month self. Better yet- my Grandma is visiting in a few shorter weeks. My grandma is far more than just a grandma- she's kind of like a best friend. Really truly. So thankful. See you soon!

 Our puny little window A/C unit is my bestie. My day-sleeping-when-working-self would be simply miserable without that little guy by my side. Tossing and turning in puddles of sweat- ugh, been there. It ain't pretty. A/C, you're a life saver.

  I think this entire summer may end up being a bit of a blur come a few months from now. I often forget what month it is. What time of year. I feel stuck in May/June. Not wanting to move past. I left something someone behind. I want a do-over.  It's truly how I feel and I can't quite explain it; but time is a bit of a blur. I'm still moving through the blur and the fog, but my heart remains in June.

 Every time I go to Trader Joe's, I ask myself why I don't go there more. It's heavenly. It makes me excited about eating healthier. Always a pleasant experience, always delicious eats. The only trouble is planning out meals to beat the expiration dates. First world problem? Yes, indeed...  :/

 Going to the bathroom at Costco with Isaac... I'd held it for far too long. I grabbed the handicap stall and hoped that when I put him down, he wouldn't try to crawl under stalls- touch anything, etc. It was an experiment indeed, but went better than I expected. I set him on his feet and did my business while he literally didn't move an inch. just looked around- unsure of where he was, what was happening, or what he should do. Haha, it was perfect, but I realize that I may not be so lucky next time. These are the things you don't think about when having kids...

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  1. Love this {and all your recent posts--sorry, just been bad at commenting!!} so real & true & beautifully written. You have such a beautiful heart, friend. :)


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