September 17, 2012

Sister day #2

Day #2 with the sis was simply splendid. Growing up so close in age and being so different, we sometimes often had our little arguments and "cat flights." The stories are endless, and begin with little Jordan pushing my infant seat off the counter... with me in it....  I obviously survived. I'm sure she has endless stories of how I egged her on or pushed her buttons. Though we did not always get along as youngsters, I think that we always had a very high level of respect for each other. I always looked up to her and all that she accomplished at such a young age, and still do. Thankfully, we are now not only sisters, but great friends too. I'm so grateful for a supportive, loving sister and that our 'youngster' days are over.

Love you Jo!

We hopped on the streetcar Friday mornin' and rode to NW 23rd area for a morning hike at Forrest Park after french bakery treats + Starbucks. Doesn't that sound like a perfect day already? We were so worn out when we returned home, a movie and a nap was just what we needed! We later met up with our friends, Brandon & Catherine for Por Que No Taqueria and a dessert waffle at the Waffle Window 2. Being the "foody" that Jordan is, I'm trying my hardest to make her eat her way into love with Portland. Okay- at least move to the NW so we can see her more!

It's my turn to go visit her in Boston next... 


  1. Sister time is always the best time. That waffle.... oh my. I might be salivating right now!

  2. Love your blog. New follower. Follow me back via GFC?

    1. Thanks for following Kimberly! I use Bloglovin- but am following you there now!

  3. Yay for sisters!! So glad you guys were able to spend so much time together this last week! and I am still dying to make it to the waffle window.


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