August 29, 2014

A dad and his girl

 There are few things more beautiful to my heart and soul than seeing the man I love become a father. Not just a father, but the best father a little girl could ask for. These two are precious together. 

Bonnie, your Dad simply adores you. He doesn't even flinch when taking care of poopy blow outs or spit ups all over his shirt. He often gets you bathed and dressed for the day with matching head bands and all. Your daddy cherishes his snuggles with you. He loves staring into your beautiful blue eyes and singing you the same songs he did when you were inside momma's belly. He rocks you in the middle of the night when you need a little extra help going back to sleep. He gives you kisses galore. If you're going to give smiles, they are always in response to him. Somehow, you already know he's the fun one. I've never seen your Daddy take so many pictures on his phone, let alone ask me to take a picture of him (holding you of course). He calls you "the girl" when talking about you amongst all of your other nicknames. I can't wait to see you two kicking soccer balls back and forth and going on jogs together as you get bigger. Thank you for making us parents, sweet girl. You have the best daddy in the world...


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