May 31, 2013

B. Family of 3

I realize that I've shared lots of photos of my little nephew, sister, and bro-in law, but none-the-less, here are more! Minutes before I caught the commuter train from Providence to Boston, and then the silver line to Logan Airport (to fly home... a day in the commuting life of my sister), I was asked to snap a few family photos. Though it was feeding time for little Reid, we were able to hold him off to capture these sweet faces all together.

It brings me joy to be able to share my photography with those I love and make a lasting gift for them. A tangible way to share love.


PS- That's all for the Auntie-posts for a while. The rest is her story to tell. ((Until I'm able to share the newborn photoshoot we did- that's under wraps until her adorable birth announcements get sent out)).

Back to work for a week. I've got to stop doing this week on, week off thing. Starting to be just a bit much. 

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