March 26, 2012

I fancy antiques & sunshine

 Antiques, sunshine, iced tea, great friend... what else could be better? 

Add Mexican food, afternoon walk, and Good Will finds in there and I'd say we had the perfect day!

 We ventured around the Multnomah Village area, southwest of Portland. Such a cute little neighborhood! {Portland Neigborhoods}

I also met up with another friend for breakfast in the same area. Hillary and I ate at Marcos- it was delicious! Photos aren't fabulous, but the food was just scrumptious! I'll definitely be going there again!

PS- It's moving week! Still much to pack & a few more nights of work in between.

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  1. Glad to hear that you are having such a fabulous time with some lovely ladies! You definitely know how to mix up the day with an variety of things to do! :)


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